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I work with startups and established businesses to consult on their products and design new or redesign existing digital products. I offer a range of services tailored to what you need — from an impartial review and audit of your product to a full-blown redesign or creating a new product from the ground up. I can set your product and team up for success with a design system, a library of components in Figma, and documentation to help your team work more efficiently after our work together is done.

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In 2019, I wrote a book about how to design and build products and websites systematically, with a focus on creating a design system and a strong digital brand. I’m proud to say the book has sold in 78 countries. While the book inspires design teams to build better products, not all companies can afford to employ designers in-house or pay inflated agency rates. When you hire me, you get all the experience and knowledge in my book chanelled into your company’s brand and product, without breaking the bank.

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The single most valuable service I offer is not design, it’s consultation. I can identify problems and opportunities in your product, user journeys, features, and brand experience that you and your team might miss. I’ll spend a few days using your product and produce a report of my findings featuring screengrabs and comments on specific elements, overview notes, and basic recommendations for potential solutions where appropriate. The review can be a standalone job that your team can action, or the start of our product design journey together.


As our time working together may be limited to only a few weeks or months, each of the services I offer are designed to set your business and team up for success in the long term. Depending on your needs and budget, I can provide one or all of these services:

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Design Exploration

For a new product, we’d start by discussing your business and product goals, then I would design a concept that we’d iterate on until we have a build-ready product. For an existing product, a review is a great place to start. From there we can discuss the merits of re-working what you have currently, or starting again with a new design. Ultimately, we’ll be creating a design system driven product.

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Design Library

Design libraries are a toolkit of all the component parts of your product including anything from buttons to colours, text styles, form inputs, and larger design patterns. Using this library (in Figma), anybody at your company can quickly and easily iterate on your product. Libraries keep your product consistent, save time, and free your team to focus on important tasks.

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Products evolve over time, adapting to ever-changing business needs and user behaviour. Maintaining the integrity of a product after a new design has been implemented is hard, especially if you have a team of people working on it. Documenting design decisions, intent, and use cases for design system elements helps to keep product teams in check and onboard new team members.

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Launching and growing a startup, establishing a brand, and attracting new users doesn’t stop at designing and building a great product. I can design, build, and creatively direct supporting materials like a website or transactional and marketing email templates to help you promote your new product, subscribe early adopters pre-launch, or market new features.

Burger King.

In 2021, Restaurant Brands International hired me to take Jones Knowles Ritchie’s brilliant new branding for Burger King and adapt it for their website and app experiences*. The scope soon grew exponentially to leading the creation of a white label design system for RBI’s three brands; Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes. The work involved establishing and documenting digital brand guidelines, a design system, extensive product audits, responsive web and app design, creative direction, and working closely with a team of engineers and product managers.

Burger King mobile app


I worked full-time on this portfolio builder for creatives from 2014-2016 at Behance in New York City. When I took over, the product was known as Behance ProSite and some preliminary ideas had already been concepted. During my time at Behance, I was the solo designer and creative director of this product, working with a large team of engineers on all product design, concepts, features, and brand. I even named the product Portfolio!

Product user interface for adding content Product user interface for editing the layout of portfolio project covers Product user interface for changing the aspect ratio of images Product user interface for cropping an image Product user interface for managing the content of a website Product user interface for inline editing elements of a page Product user interface for inserting media content Product user interface for publishing a project to Behance Product user interface for a web page editor Product user interface for choosing a font in Adobe Fonts Product design of a colour picker


In 2020, a Los Angeles based startup hired me to concept and design a League of Legends mobile app that helps gamers improve with personalised coaching from professional gamers and the gaming community. The project involved designing an interactive mobile prototype and the design and build of a marketing website to promote the product.

League of Legends mobile app Onboarding screens in an iOS app Eplore and filter League of Legends match reviews Submit a rating Submit matches for review League of Legends video match reviews mobile app Notifications and light and dark mode for a mobile app


In 2020, this early-stage London-based startup hired me to design a product* that combines AI with a team of expert legal advisors to help companies be legally compliant with international data privacy laws. The challenge was to take a very complicated subject and make it simple to navigate, understand, and action. The project involved extensive product consultation, an audit, product design, the creation of a design system, and the design and build of a marketing website.

Product design for a data privacy tool
* Limited preview as this product is pre-launch


In 2020, Los Angeles based startup, Zelos hired me to work on a range of their products and marketing. This was our first project together, a redesign of a product that rewards gamers for their in-game achievements. The project involved a product review, feature recommendations, re-brand, product design, and the design and build of a marketing website.

Gameplay stats for DOTA 2 Connect games to sync to account Insights from last match in League of Legends Gamer match history user interface Timed countdown raffles design Rangle slider for selecting number of tickets Logged out screen design Login screen for a product

Let’s chat.

Drop me an email, tell me a bit about your business and product, and we can schedule a call to discuss how we can work together.

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If you’re a startup

I can help you bring your idea to life. You’d be hiring a designer, a creative director, and a product consultant. I don’t just make things pretty, I’ll also help you flesh out your product idea. I can help you get off the ground with an MVP, I can help you iterate on that MVP as you learn more about your market and users, and I can help you scale your product to become a market leader. I relish the opportunity to help startups create the best product in their field.

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If you’re an established business

Designing and building products in-house is hard, time-consuming, and expensive. Sometimes you just need to get it done, or you need a fresh perspective freed from restraints and roadblocks. What would take an in-house team several frustrating months to do, will only take me weeks. I can help you with a product consultation and audit, a product redesign, establishing a design system, and setting up your team for success. I have the experience and know-how to help your product and team thrive.